Top Band Summer Camps and Summer Band Programs for Kids & Teens in Ohio

The Best Ohio Band Summer Camps | Summer 2019-20 Directory of OH Summer Band Camps for Kids & Teens
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Best Ohio Band Camps Summer 2019-20 Directory

Find the Best Band Camps in Ohio!

Over 16 Ohio Band Summer Camps Listed Below with In-Depth Camp Info, including: Videos, Photos, Maps & Detailed Descriptions

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Fall Band Camps, Programs, Workshops, & Classes in Ohio are Starting in September, 2019

Many of our Ohio Band Camps offer Fall Band Programs, Activities, Workshops & Classes starting in September, 2019.

Be sure to check the "Year-Round Programs and Other Camp Info" headings of each camp listing for specifics, or give any Band Camp you're interested in a call to check on Fall dates, times and availability.

Fall 2019-20 Band Camp Open Houses & Reunions

Many of our Band Camps will be hosting Fall Reunions for their previous campers, and Fall Open Houses for interested new campers and families. Each camp is different, and some offer activities for the entire family.

Contact the camp(s) directly to see if there are any Camp Reunion or Open House Plans for September, 2019.

Best Ohio Fall Band Day Camps Starting in September, 2019

Looking for a Great Ohio Band Day Camp? Look at each camp's TYPE OF CAMP description. Many of our Best Ohio Day Band Camps also list their exact hours, and if they offer before and after camp activities.

Best Ohio Year-Round
Band Camps, Classes & Band Programs

Many of our Best Ohio Summer Band Camps also offer Year Round Band Camp Programs, Classes, and Activities. You should contact the camps you are interested in to see if they offer Fall, Winter and/or Spring Band Programs, too.

Best Ohio Fall Band Camp Jobs

Searching for Ohio Band Camp Jobs? Many of our Best Band Camps are now listing their 2019-20 Fall Camp Jobs, too. Look for the heading "Summer Camp Jobs" in each camp listing. You can also check any camp's website for their "Work at Camp" or "Fall Employment Opportunities" pages.

View ALL OH Camps with Fall Work & Leadership Training Opportunities.

Some of the Best Band Camps in the Midwest are here in Ohio.



Camp Pillsbury
Owatonna, Minnesota

Ages: 6-17 . Coed Campers. Overnight Camp. Day Camp.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Camp Pillsbury is a unique summer camp for boys and girls ages 6 to 17. Strong offerings in Theater, Circus, Music, Dance, Sports, Magic, Technology, and more. More than 100 activities! Campers choose their activities daily, making each day special for each individual camper. Five, 2 WEEK sleepaway sessions begin June 9th to August 18th. Enroll now at:

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Brave Arts Theatre Workshop
Weston, Massachusetts

Ages: 7-15 for day session, 11-17 for overnight session . Coed Campers. Overnight Camp. Day Camp.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Brave Arts is a musical theater program for all levels of performers taught by professional actors and musicians. We teach the skills for musical theater on-stage while building community and confidence one child at a time off-stage. Each session ends with a showcase of theater and pop/rock songs and dances, featuring special moments for all of our performers. Don’t be surprised if you hear your child saying, “There is no place like home" - their new Brave Arts home.

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 Check Out These *Featured Camp(s):

Brave Arts Theatre Workshop

Cleveland Sight Center Highbrook Camp
Chardon, Ohio

Visit Our Cleveland Sight Center Highbrook Camp Website
12944 Aquilla Road
Chardon, Ohio 44070

Cleveland Sight Center
ATTN: Highbrook Camp
1909 East 101 Street
Cleveland, OH 44106

CAMPER AGES: 8 through adult, families too

TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway.

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

SPECIAL NEEDS CAMPERS: Good things are happening at Highbrook Lodge. Operated by the Cleveland Sight Center since 1928, it offers separate programs for children, families and adults who are living with vision impairments or blindness. Children’s programs include sessions for 6 to 9 years old, 10 to 12 year old and teenagers 13 to 18. Highbrook’s children’s camp sessions offer an inclusive, mainstreamed setting by including friends and siblings, when space is available.

Traditional camp activities include arts and crafts, nature and outdoor activities, swimming, sports and recreation and lots of special events. Independence and self-sufficiency are encouraged as campers participate in camper council, planning the annual talent show and banquet nights, camp outs under the stars, and cabin clean-up. Special guests and programs have included adventure activities, the Rock ’n Roll Hall of Fame, bands, orchestras, artists, and poets.

Campers have field-trip options to horse-riding stables, fishing, nature centers and other area attractions. Children at Highbrook participate in a structured, busy activity day. There is 24-hour supervision and attention from trained staff to offer first-time and returning campers alike a memorable camp experience. Families and adults have different options available with the special needs of the child or adult who is blind or visually impaired met with adaptations and know how of the staff.

Music/Band, Theater, Team Sports, Wilderness/Nature, Horses/Equestrian, and more. Activities At Highbrook Include A Traditional Camp Curriculum Of Arts & Crafts, Nature/outdoor Education, Music & Drama, Swimming, Sports & Recreation Activities Adapted To Include Campers With Vision Loss Or Other Disabilities.

CAMP LOCATION: Highbrook is located about 40 minutes East of Cleveland Ohio on 63 beautiful acres.

CAMP FACILITIES: We have paved pathways, 6 dormitory style cabins with indoor plumbing, 1 cabin with semi private rooms, Reinberger heated swimming pool, Wolf Arts and Nature Center, Sears Activity Hall, Robert's Recreation Hall, Smith Lodge and Dining Hall, nature paths with guide wires for people with vision impairments and much more. See our webpage and scroll down to see our video or like our facebook page to see more.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: About the Highbrook Camp Program:

Our philosophy is simple: All people have abilities and our mission is to enable children and adults to realize their full potential through the recreation activities at Highbrook.

Safety is paramount to this mission. Our leader screening includes a criminal background check through the Ohio Bureau of Criminal investigation. All staff participates in a week-long orientation with sessions about sighted guide techniques, accessibility for people who are blind and visually impaired, and CPR and First Aid certification. Emergency drill training and procedures include weather, fire, injury, and lost camper. Children are always supervised by counselor teams, and attendance is taken several times daily. We have a resident Registered Nurse to dispense medication and carry out physician-ordered treatments for conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and glaucoma, to address possible emergencies, and to educate about wellness. Geauga County Hospital is literally within walking distance. Each year we communicate with the sheriff, fire, and police departments in the area to announce our summer arrival. We are grateful for their service and assistance in maintaining a very safe environment at Highbrook Lodge.

We ask to be partners with parents in our efforts to provide a safe camp experience for their children. Our application provides ample space to provide information related to a child’s special needs including vision, behavior, health, and diet. Please be as thorough and complete with information as possible. No tidbit is too trivial when a child becomes homesick, displays anxiety or anger, or has difficulty ‘fitting’ in. In the event of injury or incidents we call home to ask your advice and inform you of any unusual circumstances. When you arrive to pick up your child at the end of their camp session our goal is that you will not have any surprises about their care.

Our program for children is structured and progressive. Our day begins at 7:00 A.M. and progresses through meals, 3- 6 activity periods depending on age group, evening program, and cabin time. Our campers are kept busy and active throughout the day and usually are ready for bed at night. Our activities and procedures are based on traditional camp experiences to instill confidence and build self-esteem, enable peer support and getting along with others in a diverse world, and trying new things and mastering old skills. Campers are challenged to be as independent as possible, make decisions about activities, make choices in their day, help others, and be active.

Every effort is taken to help a child have a successful camp experience, but we will not force a child to endure a full session if they are overwhelmed by homesickness or other anxiety.

From time to time children and teens test the limits of authority and disciplinary actions need to be imposed. Highbrook Lodge staff will first discuss and correct inappropriate behavior. If behavior is not corrected (and it most often is) and depending on the situation, a child may receive a brief time-out from an activity (never sent to their cabin or away from the group), a loss of privilege such as the camp store, or a proactive assignment such as providing extra help during cabin clean-up (but never to clean the cabin alone, for example). Corporal punishment, cabin hazing, initiations and the like are forbidden at Highbrook Lodge and should be reported immediately to the Camp Director if reported by a camper to their parents. We ask parents to discuss the golden rule with children prior to coming to camp and reinforce their need to listen and obey, get along with others, ask permission from their counselors, mind their manners, and respect others’ person and property.

Campers will be sent home for threatening physical or verbal behavior toward others, inappropriate or sexual advances, bringing alcohol, illicit drugs, weapons, or offensive materials to camp, refusing to participate or follow directions, stealing, or destruction of property.

Registration for Highbrook Lodge is required. Applications are requested no later than June 1st. As sessions tend to fill rapidly, applications are accepted on a first-come first serve basis.

CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Financial aid application is available in camp registration packet.

FAMILY CAMP SESSION(S): Bright Future for families of children 0-6 who have a diagnosed vision impairment, and their siblings (all ages). You will enjoy the activities and facilities of Highbrook, meet other families with children with a vision impairment, and be able to speak with professional staff of the Cleveland Sight Center.

Family Sessions are available for children 6 and above with a vision impairment. Join us for a long weekend.

Cohen Syndrome Family Gathering is for children and adults diagnosed with Cohen's Syndrome. More information at Our Camp Website Link:

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS: Highbrook offers various year round activities and weekend events for different age groups.

OTHER CAMP INFO: You are welcome to explore Highbrook for your summer camping needs. Children, Families, and adults living with a vision impairment or blindness will find we offer a session to meet their needs. In addition we are operated by Cleveland Sight Center, a comprehensive blindness rehabilitation program.

Visit our website for our camp schedule.

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Cleveland Sight Center Highbrook Camp

There are 16 Top Ohio Band Camps Below

Ohio Band Camps

Be sure to ask each Ohio Band Camp about the amount of band instruction and the overall intensity of their band program.

Some Top Ohio Band Camps offer rigorous daily band training and lots of intensive band experience. Other great Ohio Camps offer band as an elective or recreational activity with much less training and intensity.

View ONLY Ohio Band Day Camps?

Would you like to see a List of Top Ohio Band Day Camps Only, Organized by City?

We will re-sort this list and show you only Band Day Camps, organized alphabetically by city.

Wake Nation Wakeboarding Camp
Ohio Location(s)

Visit Our Wake Nation Wakeboarding Camp Website
201 Joe Nuxhall Way
Fairfield, Ohio 45014

Houston, Texas
4411 CR 418 Rosharon, TX 77583


TYPE OF CAMP: Day Camp. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8am-4pm (Flexible)

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Campers will have a blast wakeboarding, kneeboarding, playing on the Aqua Glide Park and paddleboarding all in a fun and supportive environment from our experienced and professional staff.

Whether your child is just learning how to wakeboard or is on his/her way to becoming a pro, our staff will give each camper the attention and encouragement he/she needs to ensure that they have an incredible experience at Camp Wake Nation.

So get your kids off the couch this summer and get them enrolled in the coolest camp in Cincinnati!

Music/Band, Computers, Math, Science, Technology, Academics, Musical Theater, Theater, Video/Filmmaking/Photography, Fine Arts/Crafts, Dance, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Weightloss, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Team Sports, Swimming, Tennis, Waterfront/Aquatics, Sailing, Adventure, Travel, Wilderness/Nature, Volleyball, Soccer, Golf, Horses/Equestrian, Wrestling, Martial Arts, and more.

CAMP LOCATION: Located 20 minutes north of Cincinnati in Fairfield, Ohio. We are situated on 20 acres and have three different lakes: the beginner lake, the intermediate/advanced lake and the Aquaglide Waterpark Lake. See website for lots of photos.

Please Refer to Website for Session Dates

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Wake Nation Wakeboarding Camp

There are 15 Top Ohio Band Camps Below

Band Camps in OH
Offer Day & Overnight Options

Some Ohio Band Camps offer BOTH Day and Overnight Camp options. Be sure to check each camp's description under "TYPE OF CAMP" for complete information, and exact hours.

Some Ohio Band Day Camps also offer Extended Camp Hours for Early Camper Drop-Off and Pick Up. If you need these services, you should contact the camp to confirm availability.

Best Prices on All Band Summer Camp Clothing and Gear

Beulah Beach Camp
Vermilion, Ohio

Visit Our Beulah Beach Camp Website
Office: 440-967-4861
Fax: 440-967-4783

6101 W. Lake Rd
Vermilion, Ohio 44089

Watch Our Beulah Beach Camp Video

CAMPER AGES: Day Camp 5-12 Resident Camp 8-18

TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway. Day Camp.

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

AFFILIATION(S): Christian. Christian & Missionary Alliance
Christian Camp & Conference Association

Music/Band, Fine Arts/Crafts, Cheerleading, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Team Sports, Swimming, Tennis, Waterfront/Aquatics, Sailing, Adventure, Wilderness/Nature, Volleyball, Soccer, Golf, Horses/Equestrian, and more.

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Beulah Beach Camp

There are 14 Top Ohio Band Camps Below

★    ★    ★    ★

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Teen Band Camps in Ohio

Ohio Band Camps for Teens sometimes include more advanced or immersive band activities, and can be much more rigorous. Teen Band Camps in OH tend to have more focus on band skills development, sometimes involving professional training standards, intense activities or experiences, limited down-time, and include age-appropriate special camp events designed for teens.

Be sure to speak with each camp you are interested in, so you know exactly what to expect.

US Performing Arts Camps
Ohio Location(s)

Visit Our US Performing Arts Camps Website
Locations throughout the US
Amherst College
Amherst, Massachusetts

California, Ohio, Massachusetts, New York, and Washington DC

350 Ignacio Blvd. STE 101
Novato, CA 94949

Watch Our US Performing Arts Camps Video

CAMPER AGES: 11-22 (varies by location/program)

TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway. Day Camp. Housing/supervision provided between consecutive programs.

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: US Performing Arts Camps is considered the premier top tier summer program for training young people in the arts.

Music/Band, Academics, Musical Theater, Theater, Video/Filmmaking/Photography, Dance, and more. Voice Acting, Directing, College Audition Preparation, High-definition (4K HD) Filmmaker's Workshop For Advanced Students, & Costume Design.

CAMP LOCATION: We have locations all across the United States please see our website for a list of our 2016 locations.

CAMP FACILITIES: Facilities vary depending on location.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: The mission of US Performing Arts Camps is to promote and develop the growth of performing artists in America.

US Performing Arts Camps is considered the premier top tier summer program for training young people in the arts. Our programs are taught by the university or college departments and their professional faculty and guest professionals in their fields.

US Performing Arts offers programs in Animation, Computer Animation, Costume design, Directing, Film-making (including 4K High-definition), Dance, Hip Hop Dance, Musical Theater, Play-writing, Sit Com Writing, Sit Com Acting, Singing, Voice-over work for animation, movies and games, and we started the first College Audition Boot Camps for high school students.

CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: A limited number of partial scholarships are available through US Performing Arts. US Performing Arts will also work with parents on payment plans.

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS: College Audition Boot Camp for High School Seniors held in October-November.

Programs typically run June to August. Dates vary by program. Please see our website for specific program dates, or call our office at (888) 497-3553.

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US Performing Arts Camps

There are 13 Top Ohio Band Camps Below

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Complete List of Ohio Special Interest Camps

Click on any of the links below to visit that special interest camp directory. Return here to continue searching Ohio Band Camps.

More Ohio Band Camps Below

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 Check Out These *Featured Camp(s):

Brave Arts Theatre Workshop

CGI Columbus
New Albany, Ohio

Visit Our CGI Columbus Website
New Albany Middle Schoool
6600 E. Dublin - Granville Rd.
New Albany, Ohio 43054

6220 E. Dublin- Granvillle Rd
New Albany, Ohio 43054

CAMPER AGES: Grades K-6th


CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

AFFILIATION(S): Jewish. Chabad Columbus

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Children enjoy a wide range of creative, exciting activities from sports, games and crafts to dramatics and other enriching camp happenings including field trips like ice skating, bowling, the Columbus Zoo, Magic Mountain, COSI, Hocking Hills and more- all while exploring and celebrating Jewish heritage. Weekly Judaic themes are taught through exciting activities, stories, songs, games and contests, which are part of the unique Camp Gan Israel experience.

Music/Band, Academics, Fine Arts/Crafts, Dance, Basketball, Football, Team Sports, Swimming, Travel, Soccer, and more. Judaic Studies, Sports & Nature Excursions, & A Full Day Excursion To Kings Island Or Zoombezi Bay.

CAMP LOCATION: The camp site is located at the New Albany Middle School, in New Albany, Ohio. Please visit our website for lots of camp photos.

CAMP FACILITIES: Our picturesque camp site contain beautiful facilities,well suited to a full program of sports, games, crafts, dramatics and other enriching camp activities.We utilizes the school's classrooms, gymnasium, sports fields, swimming pool, and cafeteria. Its modern facilities, sprawling grounds, and Olympic size swimming pool allows for plenty of supervised sports outside and lots of room for indoor activities, as well as swimming instruction.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: CGI is part of the largest and fastest growing network of Jewish day camps in the world. CGI enjoys a well-earned reputation as a trendsetter with innovative ideas, creative programs and new activities. Child development is the most significant ingredient in a healthy camp experience. This is why our staff is the real secret to our success. Our experienced counselors are known for their personal warmth and ability to care for each child as an individual. Campers are imbued with a deep sense of pride in their Jewish heritage and a love for the land of Israel, through our interactive Judaic studies program.

CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Please contact our office for more details.

FAMILY CAMP SESSION(S): Each year we begin camp with a meet and greet BBQ for the whole family and conclude camp with a good bye picnic.

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS: We have family events by each Jewish holiday for camp families to continue their Jewish learning in a fun and exciting way.

Our camp is 5 weeks, from June 26- July 28th.
For more information and pricing please visit our website.

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CGI Columbus

There are 12 Top Ohio Band Camps Below

International Band Camps in Ohio

Some of our Ohio Band Camps accept International Campers from all around the world. Some camps could offer special Summer International Programs, scholarships, or other incentives to international campers.

International Campers and Parents: Be sure to contact each Ohio Band Camp you are interested in to see if they accept campers from other Countries, if they hire any international staff, or if they offer any Special Summer Band Programs for International Campers.

Children's Dance, Music, and Art Summer Workshop
Cincinnati, OH

Visit Our Children's Dance, Music, and Art Summer Workshop Website
Spencer Township Hall
3833 Eastern Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45226

More than 6 months ago. Contact camp for the latest 2019 camp info.


TYPE OF CAMP: Day Camp. M-F 9:30am-12:30pm

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

Music/Band, Musical Theater, Theater, Fine Arts/Crafts, Dance, Gymnastics, and more. Ballet, Art, Crafts

CAMP LOCATION: We are located in the Columbia Tusculum neighborhood of Cincnnati at the historical Spencer Township Hall.

CAMP FACILITIES: 2 spacious studios, girls and boys restrooms, parent waiting area, lobby


June 17 - June 21:Circus Spectacular
June 24 - June 28: Exploring the Zoo
August 5 - August 9: Stars on Broadway

Visit: Our Camp Website Link:

Each camp $185, $15 registration applied only once per year

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Childrens Dance Music and Art Summer Workshop

There are 11 Top Ohio Band Camps Below

Ohio Band Camps Offer Scholarships & Financial Aid

Some Ohio Band Camps offer Camperships, Scholarships, and other forms of full or partial financial assistance to deserving campers.

Be sure to check each camp's description under "CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE" for complete information, including exactly how to apply.

Camp Ho Mita Koda
Newbury, OH

Visit Our Camp Ho Mita Koda Website
14040 Auburn Road
Newbury, OH 44065

(216) 591-0833


TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway. Day Camp.

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

AFFILIATION(S): American Camping Association, American Canoe Association, Diabetes Education Camping Association, Association of Camp Nurses, United Way of Great

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Lifestyle enhancing programs empower children and teens ages 4-17 to manage their diabetes, make healthy choices, take personal responsibility, and build self-esteem, friendships and a life-long support network. Here, campers have fun, make new friends and learn to control their diabetes. An on-site, trained medical team oversees the diabetes management of each camper with registered dietitians who plans meals, snacks, and nutrition activities.

SPECIAL NEEDS CAMPERS: Diabetes Type 1 & Type 2 special needs campers.

Music/Band, Theater, Video/Filmmaking/Photography, Fine Arts/Crafts, Dance, Basketball, Baseball, Team Sports, Swimming, Tennis, Waterfront/Aquatics, Adventure, Wilderness/Nature, Volleyball, Soccer, Horses/Equestrian, and more. Diabetes Education, Gardening, & Nutrition.

CAMP LOCATION: We are located 25 miles East of Cleveland, OH on 72 beautiful acres of open wilderness. Please visit our website for camp photos, videos and registration.

CAMP FACILITIES: Eight large cabins, outdoor pool, boathouse/lake, indoor recreation pavilion/dining hall, tree house, outdoor sports field, high & low ropes course, archery range, paintball range, tennis/basketball courts, nature/hiking trails.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Since 1929, Camp Ho Mita Koda is the nation’s first and oldest camp for children living with diabetes. Surrounded by 72 wooded acres in Newbury, Ohio, Camp Ho Mita Koda offers diabetes management in an active and supportive environment specifically designed for children to have fun, make new friends and learn about diabetes. With over 85 years of camping experience, on-site trained medical team oversees the diabetes management of each camper along with a registered dietitian plans meals and snacks. Camp Ho Mita Koda is proud to be accredited by the American Camp Association, complying with 300 national health, safety and program quality standards. To learn more about Camp Ho Mita Koda please visit Our Camp Website Link:

CAMP LEADERSHIP CIT/LIT PROGRAMS: CIT is a special program for former campers (age 16 and 17 yeas) that may want to be a counselor at Camp Ho Mita Koda in the future. If you are applying to become a CIT at Camp, it is important to understand that you are applying for a position of increasing responsibility and requiring a commitment to Camp. While camp offers an excellent social component, this cannot be the focus of an individual participating in the CIT program. Campers are the focus of this experience

CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: To help ensure that all children have the chance to attend residence camp, camperships (financial assistance) are available to qualifying families. We are grateful to our donors for ensuring that each eligible camper has the opportunity to experience the joy of summer camp and the feeling of belonging that comes with a session a Camp Ho Mita Koda.

FAMILY CAMP SESSION(S): Family Camp May 20th- 12:00pm-4:00pm (Ages 4-10) $50/per parent and $25 per sibling.

Family Adventure Overnight camp (don't have to have diabetes)
June 17th-June 19th and June 21st through 23rd-
$200 per parent, $100 per chil

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS: Oct: Halloween Carnival
Nov: Movie Night at Camp
Dec: Santa Workshop
Jan: Camper Reunion
April: Spring Egg Hunt


Session I- Type 1 and 2 only: June 25th- June 30th
(Ages 8-11) $500

Session IA Day Camp- July 5th- July 6th, July 7th
(Ages 5-11) $150 for all 3 days or $100 per day.

Session II- Type 1 and 2 Only- July 9th- 14th (Ages 12-15) $500.00

Session III- Type 1 and 2 Only- July 16th- July 28th ( Age 12-15) $1000

Teen Program Sept. 23-24 (Ages 14-17) $85

For summer camp job openings at Camp Ho Mita Koda, apply online at Our Camp Website Link:

Print (or view) Camp Profile for:
Camp Ho Mita Koda

There are 10 Top Ohio Band Camps Below

Friendly Hills Grange Camp
Zanesville, Ohio

Visit Our Friendly Hills Grange Camp Website
5880 Friendly Hills Road
Zanesville, Ohio 43701

5880 Friendly Hills Road
Zanesville, OH 43701


TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway. Day Camp.

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers. All Boy Campers. All Girl Campers.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Camp is open to any school or organized group to hold band camps, football camps, cheerleader camps, etc. Additional experiences available in environmental education, citizenship, community service, social awareness, etc.

SPECIAL NEEDS CAMPERS: Special needs campers are welcome, but should contact camp in advance to discuss needs.

Music/Band, Computers, Video/Filmmaking/Photography, Fine Arts/Crafts, Dance, Cheerleading, Weightloss, Basketball, Football, Swimming, Waterfront/Aquatics, Adventure, Wilderness/Nature, Volleyball, Wrestling, and more.

CAMP LOCATION: We are located approximately 6 miles north of Zanesville, Ohio on 68 acres along the Muskingum River.

CAMP FACILITIES: We have 4 air conditioned dorms, 2 having 25 bunks each and 2 with 50 bunks each; plus 6 cabins having 6 bunks each. Three of the cabins are heated/air conditioned. There are 24 RV/tent camp sites of which 13 include 35/50 amp electric, water, sewer and trash service. The remaining 11 have 20/20 amp electric, water and trash service available. Fire rings are available for campfires.

A full service kitchen is available for food service. Two large conference rooms, and smaller rooms available for meetings and activities.
football size field, basketball court, volleyball court, swimming pool, horseshoe pits, hiking trails, fishing, and several other activities available

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Camp director has over 35 years experience with summer camps. All staff have passed background checks. Contact the camp at 740-452-0016 to schedule your event.

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS: Facilities are available for year round programs.

Fees are based on the length of the program and services included.

Print (or view) Camp Profile for:
Friendly Hills Grange Camp

There are 9 Top Ohio Band Camps Below

 Check Out These *Featured Camp(s):

Brave Arts Theatre Workshop

Summer at the Elms
Akron, Ohio

Visit Our Summer at the Elms Website
Our Lady of the Elms
1375 West Exchange Street
Akron, Ohio 44313

CAMPER AGES: Pre-K through Grade 12

TYPE OF CAMP: Day Camp. Weekdays: 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m., before and aftercare available

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers. All Girl Campers.

AFFILIATION(S): Christian.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Camp is for boys and girls. Elementary School Camp is for boys and girls going into Kindergarten and Grades 1 & 2. Summer Scholars Camps are for girls going into Grades 6-12; and, Summer Sports Camps are for girls going into Grades 1-12.

Music/Band, Math, Science, Technology, Academics, Theater, Fine Arts/Crafts, Dance, Basketball, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer, and more.

Summer at the Elms is a Top Band Summer Camp located in Akron Ohio offering many fun and educational Band and other activities, including: Theater, Soccer, Academics and more. Summer at the Elms is a top Band Camp for ages: Pre-K through Grade 12.

CAMP LOCATION: Located on the Our Lady of the Elms 33-acre campus in Akron, OH.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: This year, we are reintroducing our Summer Scholars Camp for middle and high school girls who would like to take a bow on stage or sharpen their academic skills. We’ve also expanded our Summer Sports Camp to include opportunities for girls to further develop their skills in basketball, soccer, tennis and volleyball. For those attending our Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Camp and our Elementary School Camp, both are now open to boys and girls. All of the programs will allow our campers to challenge themselves, build self-confidence, leadership, communication, responsibility and resourcefulness, all essential for success throughout life.

For camp brochures and complete information, go to our website at Our Camp Website Link:

Print (or view) Camp Profile for:
Summer at the Elms

There are 8 Top Ohio Band Camps Below

Pine View Acres
Massillon, Ohio

Visit Our Pine View Acres Website
11991 Orrville Street NW
Massillon, Ohio 44647

TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway. Day Camp.

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Now Welcoming Churches, High Schools and Colleges!

You will find everything you'll need to create your own special camping event here at Pine View Acres, including breathtaking outdoor scenery on 57 acres, a recently remodeled dining hall, a full size gymnasium, and more.

Have a small or a large group?
Only want to stay the weekend?
Want exclusive rights to all facilities?
Call us, and we will offer you a custom quote.

Visit our web-site!

Music/Band, Fine Arts/Crafts, Dance, Cheerleading, Weightloss, Basketball, Swimming, Adventure, Wilderness/Nature, Wrestling, Martial Arts, and more.

CAMP LOCATION: We are located in beautiful Massillon, Ohio. Only 16 miles to Canton, 22 to Akron, 50 to Cleveland and 144 to Columbus. Situated 2 miles off of Route 21.

CAMP FACILITIES: We have 2 dormitories that can sleep up to 400, a dining hall, full size gym and a swimming pool.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: We will work with you to ensure your camp is a success!

Print (or view) Camp Profile for:
Pine View Acres

There are 7 Top Ohio Band Camps Below

The MasterWorks Festival
Cedarville, Ohio

Visit Our The MasterWorks Festival Website
(574) 267-5973
Cedarville University
Cedarville, Ohio 45314

111 S. High St.
Suite B
Warsaw, IN 46580


TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway. Four Weeks Overnight

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

AFFILIATION(S): Christian.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: MasterWorks Festival brings together world class faculty and gifted students of the classical performing arts, presenting brilliant performances in an atmosphere of dynamic Christian faith.

Music/Band, Musical Theater, Theater, Fine Arts/Crafts, Tennis, Waterfront/Aquatics, and more.

CAMP LOCATION: We are located centrally to Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus, OH.

We are:
*25 miles East of Dayton, OH
*55 miles West of Columbus, OH
*60 miles Northeast of Cincinnati, OH

CAMP FACILITIES: Students will be housed in one of the dorms on Grace College campus. Most rooms have two to four beds. There are four dorms located on campus. The William Male building houses the tech team offices as well as our costume shop, stage/prop workshop, and editing equipment. There are public tennis and basketball courts available to students as well as a public beach in the Winona Lake Park, only a short walk from campus. Kayaks and canoes are also available for rental through the Winona Lake Park. The Alpha Dining Hall comfortably seats our over 300 staff, faculty, and students. All meals will be served in Alpha.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: MasterWorks is an intensive four-week festival for advanced and passionate students of music, film acting, and theater. Each year 250 students from around the globe participate in this unique festival that combines artistic excellence and biblically sound teaching. Students and a faculty of 90 live and work on the beautiful campus of Cedarville University, which is located in the charming and historic community of Cedarville, Ohio.

At MasterWorks, a wide variety of Christian backgrounds unite to glorify God in their art and grow deeply in their faith. Spiritual highlights include topical Bible studies for performers, faculty devotionals, and Sunday worship services. Prayer is an integral part of rehearsals, classes, and performances.

Some of the world's finest performers have been a part of MasterWorks including Midori, Christopher Parkening, Rebecca Wright, Jeanette Clift George, John Dalley, Lawrence Dutton, John Kirby, Anne Martindale Williams, David Hardy, Doug Yeo, Hugh Sung, Steve Rooks, Jimmy Sites, Christine Smith, Steve Hendrickson, John Nelson, Phil Smith, Paula Robison, Stephen Clapp, the Ying String Quartet, and many others.

MasterWorks offers the following programs to advanced students ages 14-26: � Orchestral/chamber music studies Piano � Wind intensive studies (WISP) �String intensive studies (SISP)� Vocal intensive studies (VISP)� Theatre � Film Acting �Choral �Technical internships

The MasterWorks Festival culminates in more than 40 free public concerts including 2 weekly orchestral performances, a fully staged theater production, piano recitals, chamber music recitals, concerti with guest artists, as well as Faculty Recitals, the Student Honors Recital, the Concerto Competition, and numerous community performing opportunities.

Admission to MasterWorks requires an audition. Join us this summer as we pursue artistic excellence and spiritual growth!

The Festival runs from June 19-July 17, 2014.
Choral Program: $150 USD (3days)
All other programs: $3600* USD (4 weeks)

For a complete list of fees please visit Our Camp Website Link:

The Technical Internship Program is for dedicated and passionate individuals seeking development in the areas of technical and festival production, as well as integrating faith and the arts. Tech internships enable students to meet and work with leading professionals in the performing arts industry while gaining hands-on experience with technical production.

For Summer 2016 we have various positions available. Please contact us for details.

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The MasterWorks Festival

There are 6 Top Ohio Band Camps Below

Camp Mohaven
Danville, Ohio

Visit Our Camp Mohaven Website
740-397-4665 x122
18744 Turkey Ridge Rd
Danville, Ohio 43014

PO Box 1230
Mount Vernon OH 43050

Watch Our Camp Mohaven Video

CAMPER AGES: 6-17 years

TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway.

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

AFFILIATION(S): Christian. Ohio Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Here at Camp Mohaven, our mission is to introduce kids to Jesus through nature, relationships, and memories that last a lifetime! We offer "REG" camps that cover all our fun activities, such as canoes/kayaks, horseback riding, rock climbing, high ropes, outdoor adventures, sports, pool, gymnastics, and crafts alongside our fun and Christ-centered programming! We also offer "RAD" camps that focus on favorite activities such as Ski Camp, Horse Camp, Music Camp, Soccer Camp & Lifeguard Camp. Come learn about Jesus and make lifelong friends!

SPECIAL NEEDS CAMPERS: If your child has any special health needs, please get in contact with our camp nurse and let us know on your registration form.

Music/Band, Video/Filmmaking/Photography, Fine Arts/Crafts, Gymnastics, Basketball, Swimming, Waterfront/Aquatics, Adventure, Wilderness/Nature, Soccer, Horses/Equestrian, and more. Our "RAD" Camps Focus On Favorite Activities Such As Ski Camp, Horse Camp, Music Camp, Soccer Camp & Lifeguard Camp. Spend All Week Learning More About Your Favorite Activity & Have The Opportunity For Fun Field Trips!

CAMP LOCATION: We are located in the heart of Amish Country, just outside of Mount Vernon, OH and 50 miles northeast of Columbus. We have 700 acres of beautiful property, including riverfront property on the Mohican River! Visit our website to see camp photos and videos.

CAMP FACILITIES: We have 10 duplex cabins for Girl's Village and 10 duplex cabins for Boy's Village, with bathhouses for each village. We also have a large dining hall, welcome center, nature center, three separate staff housing facilities, outdoor basketball court, soccer field, horse barn with riding ring, and our outdoor amphitheater.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Camp Mohaven is focused on two things- faith and fun! Some of our traditions include Barn Party, nightly skits performed by our staff, flag raising/lowering, BIG Games, Pool Olympics, Cabin of the Week Awards, Wacky Wednesday, Mohaven Mud Run, Tribal Games, and more! All of our staff complete a background check, child safety training, Red Cross First Aid & CPR/AED. We also offer specialty training and certification for staff in activities such as lifeguarding, horses, and high ropes.

CAMP LEADERSHIP CIT/LIT PROGRAMS: Students who are 16 years old by June 1st may be eligible to work as a CIT. CITs go through the same staff training as our regular staff, and then receive special assistance and training throughout the summer. All CITs are paired with an experienced counselor to learn from on-the-job!

CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Many Seventh-Day Adventist churches throughout the state offer special scholarships for children to offset the cost of camp.

FAMILY CAMP SESSION(S): Mohaven also runs Family Camp! There is no age limit- come with your favorite people and experience the fun of camp. Family camp runs from Wednesday through Sunday to fit a variety of schedules and you can participate in any of our activities, plus special programming and events just for families.

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS: Camp Mohaven offers year-round horseback rides as well as facility rentals. For more information, visit our year-round website at!

Our camp typically runs from the second week of June through July. Please check our website for the most up-to-date information on dates and fees at: Our Camp Website Link:

Every year we recruit outstanding young adults with a deep commitment to Christ and a passion for children! We also recruit a number of Staff-in-Training (ages 16-17) to train with us and learn what it takes. If you're interested in working for us, please submit a staff application found on our website.

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Camp Mohaven

There are 5 Top Ohio Band Camps Below

 Check Out These *Featured Camp(s):

Brave Arts Theatre Workshop

Vocal Performance Institute
Dayton, Ohio

Visit Our Vocal Performance Institute Website
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45406

Watch Our Vocal Performance Institute Video

CAMPER AGES: Rising 8th - 12th grades

TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway. Day Camp. June 20 - 24, 2016, resident and commuters welcome

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: VPI is a week-long program for high school aged singers that gives participants a chance to experience college music curriculum and to work with fabulous resident artists from the University of Dayton, Dayton Opera and the Human Race Theatre. Workshops that include audition techniques, stage comportment, introduction to the voice (and more!) are combined with daily voice lessons and regular master-classes to complete a power-packed week of inspiration and learning. A wonderful experience for those planning to major in music or who simply love to perform and want to learn more. Scholarships available!! Deadline May 1.

Music/Band, Musical Theater, Fine Arts/Crafts, and more.

CAMP LOCATION: We are located in the beautiful University of Dayton campus in Dayton, Ohio (southwest Ohio).

CAMP FACILITIES: Participants are housed in dorms and receive lessons and courses within the University of Dayton's newly renovated music facilities.

CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: The University of Dayton is extremely generous with scholarships. Over 90% of participants receive some form of financial aid. That combined with our highly qualified faculty, fantastic facilities and expanded curriculum make us one of Ohio's premier summer programs!

OTHER CAMP INFO: Resident and commuter participants are welcome.

For complete info Visit us at: Our Camp Website Link:

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Vocal Performance Institute

There are 4 Top Ohio Band Camps Below

Carrollton, Ohio

Visit Our Camp NEOSA Website
5037 Edgewood Rd. SW
Carrollton, Ohio 44615

Our main office is located at: 2507 E. 22nd St. Cleveland, OH 44115

Watch Our Camp NEOSA Video


TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway.

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

AFFILIATION(S): Christian.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: The purpose of Salvation Army Camping is to serve the needs of campers: physical, social and spiritual. For physical needs, our aim is to help campers develop good health habits in cleanliness, proper rest, balanced diet, exercise and care of the body. To meet social needs the camp provides an opportunity for each camper to contribute to and receive from a group living experience. The aim is to help campers make their own right decisions, stimulate creativity and foster independence. The fact that The Salvation Army is a religious organization makes it possible for its camping program to integrate concern for the spiritual dimensions of life. We believe in God, His Word, and what it teaches and a pattern of living exemplified by Jesus Christ.

Music/Band, Theater, Fine Arts/Crafts, Dance, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Swimming, Waterfront/Aquatics, Adventure, Wilderness/Nature, Volleyball, Soccer, and more.

CAMP LOCATION: We are located 45 minuted south of Canton, Ohio on Leesville Lake in the Muskingam Watershed District

CAMP FACILITIES: 5 cabins with 4 units each plus two counselor rooms. Each unit sleeps 11 for a total of 44 in each cabin. A lodge with 12 rooms and 2 apartments. Fellowship hall with full lighting and sound systems. Dining hall with complete kitchen. Nurse's station with 6 patient rooms. 2 athletic fields, archery range, 2 basketball courts, nature and petting zoo, human foosball and gaga pit, ropes course, hiking trails, camping area, beach, volleyball court, and a whole lot more.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: American Camp Association accredited and Christian Camp Association accredited. Camp NEOSA primarily serves underprivileged and low-income children from Cleveland and the Northeast Ohio area from Zanesville to Toledo and nearby. Each of 8 weeks of camp is themed and includes and Christian based message that is the driving force behind all activities and program. Each week ends with a "Jesus Theater" which allows campers to experience the life, death and resurrection of Jesus as portrayed by various staff and counselors. This ends in fellowship hall where our message of Salvation is driven home by our Camp Director who is an ordained minister of the Salvation Army and campers are given an opportunity to pray and accept Christ.

CAMP LEADERSHIP CIT/LIT PROGRAMS: Our Grace Team program is for 15-17 year old teens who are actively involved in their corps ministry and show an interest in leadership and ministry.

Sessions start mid June and go through mid August. Contact your local Salvation Army for more information.

To apply for a summer job at Camp NEOSA, please visit Our Camp Website Link: and complete a new staff application.  If you have any questions, please contact Randall Evans at randall.evans[AT]

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There are 3 Top Ohio Band Camps Below

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Wanake Camp & Retreat Center
Beach City, Ohio

Visit Our Wanake Camp & Retreat Center Website
9463 Manchester Ave SW
Beach City, Ohio 44608

CAMPER AGES: 1st-12th Grade

TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway. Day Camp. Sunday Afternoon through Friday Afternoon

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers. All Boy Campers. All Girl Campers.

AFFILIATION(S): Christian. United Methodist Church, Christian Camp & Conference Association, United Methodist Camp & Retreat Ministries, American Camping Association

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Wanake is a place where kids can build relationships, grow closer to God, try new things, be a leader, and have fun! We offer a variety of programs to choose from anywhere from Camp-O-Mania to Man Camp or Go Karts to Ranch Camp. Kids experience Bible Study every day and are led by 2 positive Christian role models.

SPECIAL NEEDS CAMPERS: Wanake runs 3 weeks of a camp for Adults with Special Needs. It is run by trained professionals and includes all the fun of camp such as rock climbing, wagon tours, live petting zoo, cooking over the fire, homemade ice cream, singing, time with God, and much more!

Music/Band, Musical Theater, Fine Arts/Crafts, Swimming, Adventure, Wilderness/Nature, Horses/Equestrian, and more.

CAMP LOCATION: We are located near the Gateway to Amish Country (Holmes County), about 7 miles from Massillon, OH and 15 miles from Canton, OH. We are just down the road from Brewster and Beach City, Ohio. Feel free to visit our website for some photos of our site and facilities.

CAMP FACILITIES: Wanake has a variety of facilities including cabins, dorm style lodging, a tree house, and adirondack shelters. Photos can be found online at our website! We also have 3 ponds, a ranch with horses on site, an outdoor pool, and a large dining hall with home-cooked meals every day!

CAMP LEADERSHIP CIT/LIT PROGRAMS: Wanake runs a week of Leader In Training during the summer as one of our programs. Details and price for this training can be found at Our Camp Website Link:

CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Financial aid is available for those who cannot afford the regular cost of camp. Call 330-499-3972 ext 108 for details or to apply.

FAMILY CAMP SESSION(S): Wanake runs a Memorial Day and a Labor Day Family Camp! Join together and experience camp as a family! Details and photos can be found online!

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS: Wanake is open year-round! We play host to a variety of groups including Outdoor Education, Youth Groups, Church Retreats, Staff Meetings, Family Reunions, Conferences, etc. We also have a Ranch onsite where we offer lessons, trail rides, pony rides, and birthday parties year-round as the weather permits!

Wanake offers 7 weeks of Summer Camp to choose from. In 2018 they are offered between June 17 and August 4. Most camps run Sunday through Friday, but there are some shorter programs for younger campers and a Horse Day Camp.

Wanake is looking to hire male and female counselors to work 7 weeks of the summer, and 3 weeks of training.  They are with the kids 24/7 in family groups and get 1 hour off every day or every other day as the schedule allows. Counselors lead bible study, are positive role models, lead cookouts, care for the campers, act as parents as necessary per age group, lead games, and help lead program activities with a trained staff person. Visit our website for further details and to apply Our Camp Website Link:

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Wanake Camp and Retreat Center

There are 2 Top Ohio Band Camps Below

Piano Camp - Powell Academy of Music
Powell, Ohio

Visit Our Piano Camp - Powell Academy of Music Website
4012 Presidential Pkwy
Powell, Ohio 43065

CAMPER AGES: 8-12 Years old


CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Our piano camp is a great addition for students that are already enrolled in private lessons with an instructor and have taken piano lessons for at least six months. The camp will cover several piano related topics such as, composition, listening, how pianos work, technique and more.

Music/Band, and more. Piano, Composition, Listening, How Pianos Work, & Technique.

CAMP LOCATION: The piano camp is located at our facility the Powell Academy of Music at 4012 Presidential Parkway, Powell OH 43065.

CAMP FACILITIES: 5000 sq ft music studio and store.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: The camp will meet for 2 hours on three days.

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS: We also offer private music lessons and classes year round.

Piano camp is $75 per student.

Print (or view) Camp Profile for:
Piano CampPowell Academy of Music

OH Band Camp Parents & Campers

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Ohio Boy Scouts Camps
Summer Camps in Ohio
Simon Kenton Council
Boy Scouts of America
Leadership Development Center
807 Kinnear Rd.
Columbus, OH 43212

(614) 436-7200
(800) 433-4051

Visit our website for more info.


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